Thursday, April 05, 2007

Teagans BOB

The easiest thing i did this term was adding fractions i didn't get it at first because i wasn't here but when i got taught it was really easy and i caught on really fast which made subtracting fractions really easy to do.
The hardest thing for me to do this term was dividing fractions it was really confusing at first but now i get it.
One thing i need to improve on is drawing the pictures for the dividing fractions because its sorda confusing but i think i might get it now but im not sure.
My reflection:
1. The project was sorda fun to do because it was fun designing the board and the instructions to the game.
2. The unproject sorda made me work a little harder.
3. The thing i liked best about the unproject was designing the game board and taping it.
4. I probably would just do a quiz instead because the gameboard we weren't supposed to do.
5. Im not really sure if it made me learn more because it was a different project.
That is my reflection!

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