Monday, April 09, 2007

Melvins BOB snivleM

Well fractions was pretty easy at times when learning multiplying,dividing,subtracting and adding fractions it was pretty straight forward. Adding and multiplying were pretty easy especially when i learned how to cross reduce with fractions. For me i didn't like subtracting and dividing it was because just sometimes complicated for me. But even thought i liked some types of fractions and i didn't like other types they I was still able to do them.

1.Did you like the Unproject.
Yes I did like the Unproject because it gave us some thinking of what should we could do and it sort of gave us some goals to achieve.

2.Did the Unproject work make you work harder than you usually do?
Well i guess it made us work harder because we had a project to finish and we did had to come up with something for a mark right and it also gave us some creativity with the project.

3.What did you like best about the Unproject?
What i like best about the Unproject was me and a partner had to work together and have fun with are project and it also gave us time to think.

4.What would you change about your next Un project
What I would change would be picking a diffrent or more challenging topic and do something creative with it and also out more or better background info.

5.Did the Unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project?
It didn't really make me learn more it just made me think harder and be more creative but it also sort of made me learn more about wikispaces

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