Thursday, September 06, 2007

A new home

This was a great year and a great blogging adventure. A new class arrives and a new blog is created. Please visit the continuing adventure at

The class hub will still remain the same. Sargentparkmathzone and we will be diving into wiki's and video this year.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lalopoulou's Scribe Post

Finding C [ all the 2's in this thingy are an exponent.]

eg. 1

Here is the diagram.

Its a bad diagram. But i hope you can at least see it. lol okay well here is the math work::

You know that: a2+b2=c2


[4x4] + [3x3] = c2

16 + 9 = c2

c2 = 25

the square root of 25 is 5 so the answer is 5

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Monday, April 16, 2007

16/04/07 Scribe

Today, we went over the 2 blue sheets that Mr.H gave to us on Friday to do for homework. My job right now is to explain again about TRAPEZOIDS RULE !!

1. We had to draw out the next two patterns.

2. We had to make a table to show the results of our investigation.

3. We had to describe the patterns found in each row.

Trapezoids :
- adding 2
- starting at 2
- even #'s only
Figure number :
- adding 1
- starting at 1

3b. We had to describe why the patterns increased in the way they do.

x :
- adding new figures
y :
- start with 2 trapezoids
- then add 2 more trapezoids
4. We had to describe the relationship between the two columns.

x to y add 1, add 2, add 3, add 4......

4c. We have to write an algebraic equation and the "language arts" edition to show the relationship.

LA version : two times (the figure)
algebraic equation : 2n

letn = fig. #
n+ n

5. We had to predict what the 20th, 35th, and 99th diagram will look like.
n = figure number

20th- 2n
2 (20)

35th - 2n
2 (35)

99th - 2n
2 (99)

6. We had to predict which diagram will use 30, 50 and 125 blocks.

30 blocks - 2n = 30
2 (15) = 30
30 = 30 <----------- always put this!! It's for verification!!

50 blocks - 2n = 50
2 (25) = 50
50 = 50

125 blocks - 2n = 126
2 (63) = 126
126 = 126

7. We had to make a graph for the first 6 terms and label the line according by it's equation.

Find any problems!? Comment for me okkays???

K.V. 8-41


Friday, April 13, 2007

Sarika's Scribe

Today we learn about more about algebra we started to finish the Toothpick math thing that we did yesterday we had to draw two more patterns from the drawing below

We had to find what is the next two pattern were

We had to a make a chart for the pattern and find the relationship was

We also had to do a t-chart for this relation ships between the figure and Toothpicks

Decibe the patterns found in each row ?

The Pattern in the first row goes by ones and they are consecutive numbers while the second row goes by twos and they are odd numbers.

Describe why the pattern increase the way they do ?

For X you are adding new figures each time. For Y you are starting with three toothpicks thats why the number is always odd.

Descibe the relationship between the two columns?

the relationship between the two columns is add two then three, then four and so on

Write a algebraic equation to show this relationship?

two time the 4 figure plus 1
= 2n+1

5. Predict what the 20th, 35th, and 99th figure would be?

n=figure number

20th - 2 (20)+1 = 40+1 = 41

35th - 2 (35) +1 = 70+1 = 71

99th - 1(99) +1= 198 +1 = 199

6. Predict which diagram will use 30, 50 and 125 blocks.

30 blocks- 20th 2n+ 1 = 31 , 2(15) + 1 = 31

50 blocks- 35th 2n +1 = 51, 2(51) + 1 = 103

125 blocks - 99th 2n + 1 = 261


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lisa's unproject reflection

The unproject:

1.I think that it was alot of fun making the unproject
2. The unproject made me work hard.
3.I liked when I got to actually take the quiz that me and Leslie made.
4.I would probably be more prepared.
5.I think it made me learn more about how you use wiki and Imeem.

Jessica's B.O.B and reflections

Well this unit I have learned alot about fractions. I think that the easist thing I learned in this unit was the adding and subtacting fractions , I mean whats so hard about adding a couple of fractions. here is an example:2/4+6/4=8/4 (if it dosent have the same denomenator find the common denomenator.)well you get the idea. I think that the hardest thing was the purple book because I didnt get some of the questions in there.

1. I thought that the un project was really fun.
2.The unproject made me work a little harder.
3. I thought that puting the music on my project was fun.
4. I would be prepared and do a much better job.
5. I think that i learned more.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Leslie's B.O.B and Unproject Reflection

While working on our fraction unit the most things i was successful at was adding fractions. The most diffilcult was the word questions in the purple book because i didnt know if i had to multiply or divide but i think i did okay on them.

Did you like the unproject.

  • I liked the unproject because i learned new programs to use on other wiki's and blogger.

Did the unproject make you work harder than you usually would?

  • The unproject took a little bit more effort then i ussually do because i had to do it twice because the first time wasn't going to work.

What did you like best about the unproject?

  • The best thing about the unproject was makigng the quiz on wiki.

What would you change about the next unproject?

  • Something i would change about the next unproject would be more prepared and ready for insteed of doing it the night before it's due!

Did the unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project.

  • I kind of learned more, i got more use to wiki and i learned how to inbed video and music. Mr. H. showed me this website that u could upload music on and add it to your pages, it's called imeem and it's totally awsome.