Tuesday, April 10, 2007

krystina's BOB

learning fractions was pretty easy at times but a few times i didnt really remember what to do if i had to divide , subtract add or multiply =\ but actually i got the hang of it . after learning how to divide thats when i remembered how to do everything else . i think that this unit was the easiest one for me and i learned alot.

did you like the unproject?at times i didnt because i really got confused when i was figuring out what me and marygrace did for the game.

did the unproject work make yuo work harder than you usually do? for me i actually thought that it didnt because when i do big projects like this . i do it at the last minute and yeah (yy)

what did you like the best about the unproject? i think that the best part of doing this project was contributing with my partner and thinking of what we could do to finish our game

what would you change about your next unproject? i think that i could pick a more challenging topic and make it really creative like maybe a movie ??

did the unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project? well for me it really didnt but i did learn how to use wikispace and bubbleshare. but it also make me thing harder and it was more challenging then all my other projects.

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