Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today in math we didnt really do that much . we learned how to convert improper fractions to mixed fractions and the other way around . So if you guys didnt get it ill repeat what we did today.

Converting improper fractions to mixed fractions


Determine the number of times the denominator goes into the numerator.

Here is another example :

19/4 = 4

4 x 4 = 16

19 - 16 = 3

4 3/4

Converting mixed fractions to improper fractions

Here is an example :

6 5/9

6 x 9 = 54

54 + 5 = 59


my mistake ^^ that is suppose to be 52/9

Friday, February 23, 2007

Scribe Post for February 22, 2007

We didn't do that much in class today. We started our class with a fraction quiz. Which Mr. Hanley had drew a number line and some few fractions. Then we had to put the fractions on the number line in where it's supposed to be. Then he collected the quiz papers and he spent some time answering questions and making sure that we understood what we were doing. After that, we spent the rest of the class working on our purple fraction booklet. Our homework is to finished pages c-21 to c-29, if you didn't finish what you need to do in class, you need to do all those pages. Oh, and if you go past those pages, "your marks will be deducted" says Mr. Hanley. I think that is all I have to say. If there is something wrong or you want me to add something, feel free to comment. Thanks!

K.V. 8-41

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lalopoulou's Scribe Post

Well we didn't do much this afternoon except listen to Hanly preach about math. All we did was explain the definition of proper fraction, improper fraction, mixed fraction and equivalent fractions. Oh and you had to show an example for each one too on the big piece of paper Hanly gave everybody. Hanly also gave out some kind of purple booklet and said that page c-21 and c-22 are homework and probably due next math class. Well thats basicly all i have to say.... oh and don't forget tomorrow is activity day! so bring money!

Oh and the next scribe is ............Smillies!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

question 6

Just watch the bubbleshare I did to see how I solved question 6. Please leave comments =)

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You went shopping with your family and you wanted to buy a $97 sweater. You ask your mom for $50 and your dad for $50. You buy the sweater and get $3 change. You give $1 to your mom and $1 to your dad and keep $1 for yourself. Now you owe your mom $49 and your dad $49 that equals $98 in total plus your dollar making it $99. What happened to the other dollar?

Comment if you think you know the answer.

Question 4

4. What is the Square root of the following numbers. Use your perfect square chart and fractions. DO NOT USE A CALCULATOR!

Square root of 27, 46, 72, 115

1. 27 = 25 27 36
Square Root: 5 2/11

2. 46 = 36 46 49
Square Root: 6 10/13

3. 72 = 64 72 81
Square Root: 8 8/17

4. 115 = 100 115 121
Square Root: 10 15/21

- Jeff

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Question #11 [V 1.0]

Everything is in the bubbleshare.

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So like above, I just find the percent of what im trying to subtract and then I subtract it.

[V 1.0] -put in bubbleshare, finished.

Question 12

The Cumulative Question 12

Dave interviewed a number of students in his school regarding their favorite ice cream. Dave claimed that exactly 40% of the 37 students interviewed liked vanilla the best. Is it possible to determine whether David's claim is correct? Why or why not?

To answer this question I used ratio table and x k y chart. The bubbleshare below shows my work. I did it step by step so you guys can understand it.

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So from the bubbleshare above, you can see that 40% of 37 students is 14.8 .To double check my answer I used cross multiplying and equivalent fractions. I also did it step by step so it is easier to understand and follow.

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So by double checking I am now sure my answer is correct. So 40% of 37 students is really 14.8.

If then the answer is 14.8, that will prove that David's is INCORRECT! His claim is that exactly 40% of his 37 interviewed students liked vanilla best. Since we are talking about students we can't have decimals. So that proves that he is incorrect.

If David argued that my reasoning is wrong and he suggested that I round it. Then I'll prove to to him that even if you round it he is still wrong. Look below!

Round 14.8 = 15

40/ 100 = 0.4

0.4 x 100 (percent is out of 100) = 40%

15/37 = 0.405405405

0.405405405 x 100 (percent is out of 100) = 40.5405405%

Then if you round 40.5405405% to the nearest ones, you'll get 41%

Therefore David is INCORRECT!


Question 8

A child can run 5 blocks in 2 minutes. How long does it take the child to run 8 blocks, at the same speed?

The child can run 8 blocks in 3.2 minutes. You get this answer by multiplying 1.6. You would have to do this on the top and bottom of the numbers. The first step is 5 x something will give you 8. Well try it the other way if you can´t find it. 8/5=1.6 5 x 1.6=8. Then all you have to do on the top is 2 x 1.6 to get your answer.
-done by Monique S.R. 8-41

Friday, February 09, 2007

Question #5

5. A) What is 20% of 156?
B) 30 is 29% of what number?
C) 44 is what percent of 62?
D) 55% of 26 is what number?

A) P/T = ?/156 = 20/100
20/100= 0.2

P/T = 31.2/156 = 20/100

B) P/T = ?/30 = 29/100


C) P/T = 44/62 = ?/100

44/62 = 70%/100%

D) P/T = ?/26 = 55%/100%


P/T = 14.3/26 = 55%/100%

This work was done by: Justino

Question #10

10. An ice chest contains 9 can of apples juice, 8 cans of grape juice, 7 cans of orane juic, and 5 cans of pineapple juice. Suppose you reach into the container and randomly select a can. What is the probability that you will pull a...

- apple juice
- grape juice
- pineapple or orange juice

The top is the part and the bottom is the total. The number cans of apple juice is 9, and the total number of cans is 29. Scince we're finding the percent, we divide 9 by 29, which gives us 0.3103... then we multiply 0.3103 by 100, (because percents are always out of 100) which gives us 31.03%. The probability of getting a can of apple juice is 31.03%

This is pretty much the same as the first one, except the numbers are different.
8 divided by 29 equals 0.27.58. 0.27.58 multiplied by 100 equals 27.58%.
The probability of getting a can of grape juice is 27.58%.

(Pineapple and Orange Juice) .. This one is a little bit different. The questions asks for the probability of pineapple OR orange juice. So you combine both. 7 cans of orange juice plus 5 cans of pineapple juice equals 12 cans. 12 divided by 29 equals 0.4137. That, multiplied by 100 is 41.37%. The probability of pulling out a can of pineapple juice or a can of orange juice is 41.37%.

If you see any errors please feel free to comment on it. =)
By: M.Dela Cruz

Question #2

This post is for February 9, 2007. I have volunteered to do question number two from the review sheet(s) that was handed out to us by Mr.H in class today. This post will be counted as a scribe.

The police have cornered this criminal in a small 23 home community. If they have only 46 hours to find him, and they can fully search one house in 2 hours and 23 minutes, will they find him?

To answer this question, you should convert the hours into minutes. So 1 hour would be 60 minutes. So 46 hours becomes 2760 minutes because it's like a ratio table. To get 46 hours, you times 1 hour by 46, so you have to do the same thing to the other side. Which you have to multiply 60 minutes by 46 and you will get 2760 minutes.
Then you convert 2 hours and 23 minutes. Since 23 is already in minutes, you only have to convert 2 hours. 1 hour would become 60 minutes, so 2 hours will become 120 minutes ( times it by two ). After that, you add it up, 2 hours and 23 minutes will be 143 minutes in total. So 1 house takes 143 minutes and you want to find out how long it will take to find the criminal, you have to times the minutes that will take to search per house to the amount of house there is to search. So you take 143 minutes and times it by 23 (because there's 23 houses) and you will get 3289 minutes.

1 hour = 60 minutes
46 hours = 2760 minutes -----> time limit to search community
2 hrs & 23 min. = 143 minutes ------> amount of time to search 1 house

143 min. X 23 houses = 3289 ------> total time it will take to search the whole community

Well in the time limit, the cops will not be able to find the crook in time, but they will find the crook in 3289 hours.

K.V. 8-41

Edits I made:

• I added the last sentence, telling if the cops found the crook or not
• I changed the word "concerned" into "cornered"

math blog thingy

o Find the mean, median and mode for the following questions,.
1. 1,2,3,4,5,5,6,7,8
Mean; 4.3
Median; 5
Mode; 5

2. 4,4,12,16,19,22
Mean; 73.6
Median; 14
Mode; 4

3. 45,45,60,75,78,78

Mean; 52.1
Median; 67.5Mode; 45 + 78


Thursday, February 08, 2007


The most easiest thing for me was the ratio tables I didn't get it at first but now I do get it and it is easy.

The most hardest thing for me was the x,k,y charts and cross products i still don't understand that.

My goal for tterm 3 is to try harder.

Sorry its really late!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lalopoulou's BOB

There were many different things i learned during this unit. One of the things that was really easy for me was learning how to do ratio tables. i thought it was really hard at first, but then i got the hang of it.

My favorite part of this unit was (this is going to be hard to believe) doing that project thingy. nobody laugh but it was my favorite part because i learned alot of stuff. For next term my goal is to do better in math (obviously) and to get good marks on, test, quizzes and assighments.

ps: sry if its late!!

Scribe - Feb. 7/07

Your scribe for today will be me.. since i didn't do yesterday afternoon's scribe. Now what did we do today in math?..

oh, yeah.. TEST!!

well. that is pretty much what we did for the whole math period.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

krysteeNas BOB

the most easiest thing for me during this proportion and ratio tables unit is making ratio tables. even though i didnt get them the first time we started it started to get better and better for me and finally i got it.
The most hardest part of this unit for me was doing the changing the size. EVERYTHING got me sooo confused like ardia. but i think i would get it if i listened in class and ask for help when i need it so i can actually hand in my work on time. but i actually learned alot in this unit and even if i didnt get good marks for some of my work at least i got it now :)

Justin's B.O.B.

The most easiest thing for me for this unit was using the ratio tables and the x,k,y chart to solve answers. They helped me in many different ways because they're super easy to use.

The hardest thing about this unit was cross products. It's really confusing and I don't understand how to use it really. I still need help with it.

My goal for term 3 is to stop talking so much because I have a habit of doing that and it affects me because I end up not understanding what we were doing or how to solve something so I hope I will stop.

February 06 / 2007 scribe

hmm .. I guess i have to do this .. because I don't remember anyone saying to do this so yeah ...

Today we started off by giving back out blue booklets and out white book thingy
We got some questions on sq. root ,mean median and mode ,and percents .
here are the questions:

Then we went over the pretest questions that we had got yesterday heres the link for the questions (click here)

Thats basically all we did in class .. sorry that this scribe sucks .. im rushing.. but atleast im doing a scribe =P jk ahaha


Melissa's BOB

Coming directly from BOB fm....

What I found the most easiest in this unit was how to cross multiply and the XKY chart. I caught on fast on those two because they were very similar to each other. I found the T chart hard. I didn't quite understand at first how to do it, but eventually I caught on. My goals for term 3 is to be more prepared for upcoming quizes and tests. Gosh! I remember getting 5/11 once! *cries* That won't happen again! *bangs fist on table* ow...

Jessica's B.O.B

Well in this unit i think that the easiest thing was the word ratio and the pt charts. My fave part in this unit was the word ratio I guess because I thought it was so easy tehehe!! The hardest thing in this unit was the xky charts. The goal that I am setting for myself for the next unit is to ask more questions whenever I need help.

Well that's all bye bye!!!!

Lisa's B.O.B

Well during this unit i learned a lot. I learned how to use xky charts and pt charts and word ratios. I fave part of this unit was the pt charts and the word ratios. Well the easiest was the pt charts I guess that why its one of my fave tehehe. The stuff that i don't really get is the xky charts I sorta get it but not that much. The goal that I am setting for my self is to ask questions and whenever I need help that I ask for it. Well that's all bye now. Well for other people I think that you really shouldn't over think alot of things it makes your head hurt and it will drive you crazy. Oh ya and study for tests that really important.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ardia's B.O.B

I learned alot from this proportion and ratio unit . It seemed easy at first . But eventually things got hard. What I liked doing during this unit was the p/t and xky charts , even though i knew how to do them .. the charts just made it so clean , and fast ! If i just did it the way I've always did it , it would take up a whole paper ! =P The thing that I disliked was doing the thing with the "changing shapes" like doubbling the size other than quadurpling it . That really got me confused.
I guess I really need to pay attention ALOT more in class .. and ask questions if i dont know what im doing . Also improve more on my "concentration"


Michael's B. O. B. [V 1.0]

During this unit of proportion and ratios, I learned a lot. Ratios and proportions seemed really hard at first, but after Mr. H. told us the strategies for solving these problems it all seemed extremely easy. My favorite strategies to use were the xky chart, because it really made everything quick, even with evil numbers and ridiculous decimals, and I also liked the ratio tables because they are like the xky charts only you can simplify more easily. I also finally found out how to double areas.

I think that I still need some clearing up on cross products. I'm still not really sure what they are, but I probably do without knowing. I also need to remember to put my work in the booklets so Mr H. knows that I know what I'm doing.


[V 1.0] -finished bob.

Kim's BOB

Reflection about our proportion unit this year:
This was a very cool unit. We got to learn about "proportion" and how to solve them by using ratio charts, t-charts, x-k-y charts, equivalent fractions and cross products. We learned how to find the unit rates and finding the measurements.
My favourite part of this unit was to do the blue book that Mr.H handed out to each an one of us to do. It was easy and fun. I also liked when we used the ratio charts, x-k-y charts, equivalents fraction and cross products to solve the word questions because I know how to use them and using them makes the solving very easy to do and understand, part of it was because I thought it was easy to do too.
The thing that was confusing in this unit is that when we write out a t-chart and I want to put it was to a fraction, I didn't really know to put which where. Most of the questions, I can figure it out right away, but some I just get really confused. But overall, I get what I'm learning in this unit. After I asked, I knew how to do it.
So if you ever have a problem on anything, make sure that you ask someone or Mr.H to help you because it will help you understand what you are doing because if you don't understand and you have a test or quiz coming up, you can fail it. So making sure that you understand what you are doing is a very important thing to do. MAKE SURE YOU ASK IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!

P.S. There is going to be a test coming up on this Wednesday! Study! It's on everything you learnt from the beginning of the year!

James C.'s BOB

This was an interesting unit. I think my favourite part this unit was doing the P/T charts because they were easy to follow and configure. My favourite activity we did was probably the Alatoba stuff, because it took practically no effort, and it will be interesting to find out about the prices in the U.S. of A.

The stuff that made me hurt this unit was managing to get all the stuff figured out after going through my scribbly notes from class. I got pretty much everything written down, but deciphering it was about as difficult as decoding the Rosetta stone.

TO WORK ON: My handwriting, and getting everything completely done.

Jeff's BOB

Hm.. math.. math. What was my favourite thing during this term? Well.. i gotta say doing the problems using the P/T chart or x,k,y chart. It was easy to understand and worked 85.9 % of the time.

The hardest thing during this term? Hm.. i would say trying to understand what we did while i was gone for a week. Didn't understand a thing, but on the postive side the blue book got me caught up in like a day and a half. I learned a lot this term in math.

Hm.. anything else? I guess not.

Sarika's BoB

This is my reflection on our proportion and ratio table unit

What I thought that was interesting about this unit was learning how to be able to use a ratio table and xky because it was more esay then a word ratio (i think that what it called, not so sure) and i had a hard to understand it. But i had an easier time by using a ratio table, I was kind of confused about the xky at first but now I understand it.

What I had a difficult on doing this unit was in the end, when we were working on the white booklet some of those question were really hard for me because I didn't understand it until I asked some one for help. For example, #9 on the sheets was really hard for me and I didn't understand. When I should have because it was about the perimeter and area which I am good at but I just blank on the question because I over analyze it. It just goes to show don't over think what you are doing.

Remember to study for the test on Wednesday

. . .

Angelic's DOB BOB

Okay, so what i found easy was the ratio tables (the p t chart), x k y table, finding the measurements, and finding the unit rate (when I have a calculator).

What I enjoyed doing was using the PT chart. It made things so much easier, and tidier!

What I don't get is the stuff on the quiz we did today. Like reducing a shape and enlarging it. I think it's really confusing. Mr. Harbeck was explaining it to me, but I still sort of don't get it.

If you need help with anything, now's the time to ask. Don't leave things till the last minute. I know I'm being hypocritical right now, but still. XP Oh! Don't overthink things, it just makes your brain hurt even more. =P

Marygrace's "BOB"

My reflection about the proportion and ratio table unit:

My favourite part in the unit was doing the things in the blue book. Like doing the fractions, and finding the percents by doing ratio tables and x k y charts. I thought it was really easy. But sometimes when i do ratio tables, I get confused with what numbers I put for the Part and Total.

What i find that's difficult in the unit is making shapes larger or smaller without changing the shape. I don't understand the steps in doing that. So i should ask someone who knows how to do it before the test, or else I won't do good on my it.

I learned alot of new things this unit. Learning how to do these questions many different ways sometimes gets me confused. But doing these charts helps make work easier.

Ashley's BOB

In this unit I learned alot! My favorite part of this unit was using the ratio tables and equivalent fractions. By using those it made it much more easier and clearer to understand.

The hardest part of the unit for me was the xky charts cause I didn't really understand them but today Mr. Harbeck explained it to me and now I understand.

February 05 / 2007 MORNING scribe

okay .. today we started off with a test

There was only ONE question .. but two parts :
A. Use the Graph Paper below to reduce this diagram to half its original size.

heres what I did :
First i found the area of the biggest rectangle by length times width. so that 6 X 8 = 48 .
Second I found the area of the triangle on the top . Finding the area of a triangle needs one more step . So the triangle's width is 4 and length is 8 .. so 4 X 8 = 32 BUT a triangle is HALF a square/rectangle .. so you have to do 32 divided by 2 =16
Third I did the chimney all i did was count , because part of the chimney was covered by the triangle and the area of that is equal to 6.
Fourth I added all the numbers together. 48 + 16 + 6 = 70 so the area of the house is 70
Fifth I divided 70 by 2 and i got 45 . Then I divided each section by 2 (e.g 48/2 , 16/2 and 6/2) then i drew it on the other side of the graph paper

B. What would the area of the door be if you enlarged the diagram to twice its original size? Show how you solved this question.
First i got the area of the door .. which is 8
Second I multiplyed the door's area (8) by 2 to DOUBLE the size
Third .. to make sure I got the question right .. i just made sure that TWO doors could fit in that one door.

P.S. DONT COPY WHAT I JUST DID .. its just what I did .. not EVERYTHING i do it right .. in class today Mr. Harbeck said something about people that do good in the class would not do good in this test or something xp i forgot

then for the rest of the class we talk about "BlogginOnBlogging" where we had to type a reflection on the math unit for 4 EASY marks . Then we worked on our booklet thingys for the rest of the class.

I WOULD do the aftn class but thats "UnKnowN J." 's job

hmm .. maybe he should pick tomorrow's scribe , becuase i dont know who to pick xp

--ardia =)

Monique's Bob

This is my reflection on the past math classes and the white book:

During the past few classes we have been learning about different ways to solve questions like: the x k y chart, the t-chart, the part over total chart, and the cross multiply chart. I think these charts help a lot because they make work easier to see/understand and it helps your work look neater.

I think my work on the questions we got today in class really helped me understand more because we had to use at least two different ways to find the answers. It helped me understand more on how to use the different charts, and the amount we had to do really helped to understand questions and how to use the charts.

The thing I found hard about the white book is figuring out the length and width of things. Like question #1. What I also found hard was solving the missing measurement and putting it into the charts. Also, at the beginning of the subject I didn't understand how to figure out were to put the numbers in the x k y chart and how to work the t-chart but I'm slowly understanding how to work the different charts.

The thing I will try and do next time is if i don't understand something in class I will ask Melissa or Thyrza to help me understand, even though they help me in class I will go to them earlier in time so I understand everything in class.

Scribe Post for this afternoon

Today in math class Harbeck gave us a quiz in the morning. In the afternoon Harbeck told us about the test that he's going to give us. The test is out of 36 but there is going to be 4 bonus quetions. So it makes the test out of 40. Harbeck also told us about a BOB. BOB stands for Blogging On Blogging, which doesn't makes sense. Anyways, in this post you will write a reflection on this whole unit that we have been doing for a month now. You must lable this post BOB or else Harbeck will get mad. In this post you must write/type a reflection on how you think you did in this unit. An example would be: I think I did well on ____________ since we started the blue book because____________. I think i could of done better on ___________.

Oh i also remeber than in class Harbeck was yelling at Sarika for making him repeat was he said over again cuz she has "bad hearing".

Here are the answers the the first 5 questions:

1. lbs/$ = 6/9 = 21/31.5

2.ft2/$ = 5000/24 = 30 000/114

3. ft/$ = 20/180 = 300/2700

4. inches/feet = 1/5 = 8.5/42.5

5. sales tax/purchase = 4/50 = 96/1200
Unfortunately i coudn't get the rest of the question done. Sorry for making the pictures hard to see! Oh and the next scribe is Ardia! bwahahahahahahah!

Thyrza's BOB !!!

This is my reflection about the proportion and ratio table unit .

This unit was interesting and also very challenging. My favorite part was answering questions by using x k y chart, ratio tables and equivalent fractions. By using those things it made my answers really clear. If you use one of those things you could also use the other two to check if your answer was correct.

The hardest part on this unit for me is increasing something or even decreasing it. Until now, I’m still confused because I’m not sure if I’m supposed to double the dimension or the original area. I’ll try my best to learn how to do it correctly before our big test on Wednesday. This unit, I sure learned something! I learned that I shouldn’t make a simple question complicated because I would get the question wrong. I hope we all do well on the test on Wednesday to make all our marks higher.

If anyone has any questions or is having some trouble with something like ME, I suggest you ask someone in your class or Mr. Harbeck before the test come so you’ll do well on it.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scribe Post!!

Yay! It's my turn to make another scribe post! ^^ Okie Dokie....Today in math.... *opens eyes* I woke up and saw on the board... *eyes widen* A math starter! Mr. Harbeck asked us, "Okay, children.. Find a way to beautifully answer this question."

Okay, okay...I know I'm over reacting...But I can't help it! Everytime I do a starter I get hyper. *ahem* I'll continue..

This was what was on the board:

What is the best deal?

20ft area rug $105
10ft area rug $60
40ft area rug $220

This was how the class solved the problem:

Okay. Another thing that I remember doing in math today is that booklet. Yes. The one questions...the project...Yesh that's the one! hehe. I remember Mr. Harbeck saying something about question 8. He said to call the figures A and B.

The answer is 12.

Right next to that diagram, put down:

The answer is 16.5.

*spins in circles* Sorry if I'm missing things... My mind is so overwhelmed right now. I owe so many things to ppl...(drawings mostly) and my computer is giving me a hard time. *starts panicking* I'm sorry Mr. Harbeck if I don't get all my homework done. My to do list is flooded. My siblings are also bugging me. Homework reasons, and I just can't take much more! Hopefully I'll get everything done by tomorrow...But, from the way things are right now, I could tell that I'm gonna have to be an insomniac tonight...-_-"