Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jessica's B.O.B and reflections

Well this unit I have learned alot about fractions. I think that the easist thing I learned in this unit was the adding and subtacting fractions , I mean whats so hard about adding a couple of fractions. here is an example:2/4+6/4=8/4 (if it dosent have the same denomenator find the common denomenator.)well you get the idea. I think that the hardest thing was the purple book because I didnt get some of the questions in there.

1. I thought that the un project was really fun.
2.The unproject made me work a little harder.
3. I thought that puting the music on my project was fun.
4. I would be prepared and do a much better job.
5. I think that i learned more.

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