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In this fraction unit, it refreshed my mind of how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions with same denominators, different denominators, common denominators and lowest common denominators. We learned so much in so little time. My favourite thing in this fraction unit is dividing and multiplying fractions. It's my favourite because to me, multiplying and dividing fractions are really easy to do. Another thing that I like was doing the purple booklet that was given to us in the beginning of the unit, it was fun to solve the fraction problems and solving the riddles, but some of the word problems were a little bit hard for me because I didn't know what to do at first, like to add, subtract, divide or multiply. But I think I got the idea now.

Un-Project Reflection

1. Did you like the un-project?

Yes, I really like doing our un-project because we didn't have specific rules and instructions to make or do our project. So we were free to do anything that we wanted, like a movie, a song, a game and more! I think that this un-project was fun because my partner and I got to choose what kinds of projects that we wanted to do that was comfortable to us.

2. Did the un-project make you work harder than you usually would do?

This un-project did kind of made me work harder because sometimes I was trying to get our project to look like something that would satisfy me and I had to do a great amount of tries to get the right ones but overall, it was fun to do and I didn't think it was hard.

3. What did you like best about the un-project?

The best part about the un-project that I liked was that we got to choose and do any kind of project that we wanted and that we could do anything for our project so that I didn't really have to worry that I am going to lose some marks because I didn't follow the instructions. Also, another thing I liked was that I got to show my creativity in our projects.

4. What would you like to change about the next un-project?

I don't think that I would like to change anything about the next un-project because I got to do what kind of project I wanted and that I was comfortable with it.

5. Did the un-project make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project?

Yes, the un-project did make me learn more because I learned how to use something called "spresent" and that I learned how to use it's gadgets and make a whole new thing that I new I couldn't even make.

If I have missed something or made a mistake, please comment me and tell me.. thanks!

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