Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scribe Post!!

Yay! It's my turn to make another scribe post! ^^ Okie Dokie....Today in math.... *opens eyes* I woke up and saw on the board... *eyes widen* A math starter! Mr. Harbeck asked us, "Okay, children.. Find a way to beautifully answer this question."

Okay, okay...I know I'm over reacting...But I can't help it! Everytime I do a starter I get hyper. *ahem* I'll continue..

This was what was on the board:

What is the best deal?

20ft area rug $105
10ft area rug $60
40ft area rug $220

This was how the class solved the problem:

Okay. Another thing that I remember doing in math today is that booklet. Yes. The one questions...the project...Yesh that's the one! hehe. I remember Mr. Harbeck saying something about question 8. He said to call the figures A and B.

The answer is 12.

Right next to that diagram, put down:

The answer is 16.5.

*spins in circles* Sorry if I'm missing things... My mind is so overwhelmed right now. I owe so many things to ppl...(drawings mostly) and my computer is giving me a hard time. *starts panicking* I'm sorry Mr. Harbeck if I don't get all my homework done. My to do list is flooded. My siblings are also bugging me. Homework reasons, and I just can't take much more! Hopefully I'll get everything done by tomorrow...But, from the way things are right now, I could tell that I'm gonna have to be an insomniac tonight...-_-"


lalopoulou=) said...

nice scribe post melissa!!! but who's the next scribe?

Ashley said...

Nice scribe post Melissa!
Good Job!!!!!

mdelacruz said...

i like your scribe melissa! good job!

(= OrANgeZ =) said...

rly good scribe melissa!!! I love how you made everything clear and understanding (it helped for the proportions and ratio table boolet thing)and dont worry i dont think your going to go crazy.... i believe in you =)!!!

tears_77 said...

Good job Melissa! keep it up!!