Monday, February 05, 2007

Sarika's BoB

This is my reflection on our proportion and ratio table unit

What I thought that was interesting about this unit was learning how to be able to use a ratio table and xky because it was more esay then a word ratio (i think that what it called, not so sure) and i had a hard to understand it. But i had an easier time by using a ratio table, I was kind of confused about the xky at first but now I understand it.

What I had a difficult on doing this unit was in the end, when we were working on the white booklet some of those question were really hard for me because I didn't understand it until I asked some one for help. For example, #9 on the sheets was really hard for me and I didn't understand. When I should have because it was about the perimeter and area which I am good at but I just blank on the question because I over analyze it. It just goes to show don't over think what you are doing.

Remember to study for the test on Wednesday

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