Monday, February 05, 2007

Monique's Bob

This is my reflection on the past math classes and the white book:

During the past few classes we have been learning about different ways to solve questions like: the x k y chart, the t-chart, the part over total chart, and the cross multiply chart. I think these charts help a lot because they make work easier to see/understand and it helps your work look neater.

I think my work on the questions we got today in class really helped me understand more because we had to use at least two different ways to find the answers. It helped me understand more on how to use the different charts, and the amount we had to do really helped to understand questions and how to use the charts.

The thing I found hard about the white book is figuring out the length and width of things. Like question #1. What I also found hard was solving the missing measurement and putting it into the charts. Also, at the beginning of the subject I didn't understand how to figure out were to put the numbers in the x k y chart and how to work the t-chart but I'm slowly understanding how to work the different charts.

The thing I will try and do next time is if i don't understand something in class I will ask Melissa or Thyrza to help me understand, even though they help me in class I will go to them earlier in time so I understand everything in class.

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