Monday, February 05, 2007

February 05 / 2007 MORNING scribe

okay .. today we started off with a test

There was only ONE question .. but two parts :
A. Use the Graph Paper below to reduce this diagram to half its original size.

heres what I did :
First i found the area of the biggest rectangle by length times width. so that 6 X 8 = 48 .
Second I found the area of the triangle on the top . Finding the area of a triangle needs one more step . So the triangle's width is 4 and length is 8 .. so 4 X 8 = 32 BUT a triangle is HALF a square/rectangle .. so you have to do 32 divided by 2 =16
Third I did the chimney all i did was count , because part of the chimney was covered by the triangle and the area of that is equal to 6.
Fourth I added all the numbers together. 48 + 16 + 6 = 70 so the area of the house is 70
Fifth I divided 70 by 2 and i got 45 . Then I divided each section by 2 (e.g 48/2 , 16/2 and 6/2) then i drew it on the other side of the graph paper

B. What would the area of the door be if you enlarged the diagram to twice its original size? Show how you solved this question.
First i got the area of the door .. which is 8
Second I multiplyed the door's area (8) by 2 to DOUBLE the size
Third .. to make sure I got the question right .. i just made sure that TWO doors could fit in that one door.

P.S. DONT COPY WHAT I JUST DID .. its just what I did .. not EVERYTHING i do it right .. in class today Mr. Harbeck said something about people that do good in the class would not do good in this test or something xp i forgot

then for the rest of the class we talk about "BlogginOnBlogging" where we had to type a reflection on the math unit for 4 EASY marks . Then we worked on our booklet thingys for the rest of the class.

I WOULD do the aftn class but thats "UnKnowN J." 's job

hmm .. maybe he should pick tomorrow's scribe , becuase i dont know who to pick xp

--ardia =)

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