Monday, February 05, 2007

Kim's BOB

Reflection about our proportion unit this year:
This was a very cool unit. We got to learn about "proportion" and how to solve them by using ratio charts, t-charts, x-k-y charts, equivalent fractions and cross products. We learned how to find the unit rates and finding the measurements.
My favourite part of this unit was to do the blue book that Mr.H handed out to each an one of us to do. It was easy and fun. I also liked when we used the ratio charts, x-k-y charts, equivalents fraction and cross products to solve the word questions because I know how to use them and using them makes the solving very easy to do and understand, part of it was because I thought it was easy to do too.
The thing that was confusing in this unit is that when we write out a t-chart and I want to put it was to a fraction, I didn't really know to put which where. Most of the questions, I can figure it out right away, but some I just get really confused. But overall, I get what I'm learning in this unit. After I asked, I knew how to do it.
So if you ever have a problem on anything, make sure that you ask someone or Mr.H to help you because it will help you understand what you are doing because if you don't understand and you have a test or quiz coming up, you can fail it. So making sure that you understand what you are doing is a very important thing to do. MAKE SURE YOU ASK IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!

P.S. There is going to be a test coming up on this Wednesday! Study! It's on everything you learnt from the beginning of the year!

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