Monday, February 05, 2007

Michael's B. O. B. [V 1.0]

During this unit of proportion and ratios, I learned a lot. Ratios and proportions seemed really hard at first, but after Mr. H. told us the strategies for solving these problems it all seemed extremely easy. My favorite strategies to use were the xky chart, because it really made everything quick, even with evil numbers and ridiculous decimals, and I also liked the ratio tables because they are like the xky charts only you can simplify more easily. I also finally found out how to double areas.

I think that I still need some clearing up on cross products. I'm still not really sure what they are, but I probably do without knowing. I also need to remember to put my work in the booklets so Mr H. knows that I know what I'm doing.


[V 1.0] -finished bob.

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