Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Scribe - Feb. 7/07

Your scribe for today will be me.. since i didn't do yesterday afternoon's scribe. Now what did we do today in math?..

oh, yeah.. TEST!!

well. that is pretty much what we did for the whole math period.


ardia=)_841 said...

PSHHHH jeff !! i was supposed to do this scribe today !!! AHAHA .. aand you forgot to pick next class's scribe AAND you forgot about we had a sub MR.SECKY .. AANND thats all =)

lalopoulou=) said...

hahahahhahah you forgot to pick the next scribe and you forgot to mention that we had a sub today, known as MR. SECKY or to melvin MR. SEXY!! hahahahhahahhaha =)