Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lalopoulou's Scribe Post

Well we didn't do much this afternoon except listen to Hanly preach about math. All we did was explain the definition of proper fraction, improper fraction, mixed fraction and equivalent fractions. Oh and you had to show an example for each one too on the big piece of paper Hanly gave everybody. Hanly also gave out some kind of purple booklet and said that page c-21 and c-22 are homework and probably due next math class. Well thats basicly all i have to say.... oh and don't forget tomorrow is activity day! so bring money!

Oh and the next scribe is ............Smillies!!!


Mr. H said...

mary. Good scribes have pictures and go into detail on what was done in class. I would like to see ore effort on your next scribe.


lalopoulou=) said...


Melvin841 said...

you should also try and put a bubbleshare