Friday, February 09, 2007

Question #2

This post is for February 9, 2007. I have volunteered to do question number two from the review sheet(s) that was handed out to us by Mr.H in class today. This post will be counted as a scribe.

The police have cornered this criminal in a small 23 home community. If they have only 46 hours to find him, and they can fully search one house in 2 hours and 23 minutes, will they find him?

To answer this question, you should convert the hours into minutes. So 1 hour would be 60 minutes. So 46 hours becomes 2760 minutes because it's like a ratio table. To get 46 hours, you times 1 hour by 46, so you have to do the same thing to the other side. Which you have to multiply 60 minutes by 46 and you will get 2760 minutes.
Then you convert 2 hours and 23 minutes. Since 23 is already in minutes, you only have to convert 2 hours. 1 hour would become 60 minutes, so 2 hours will become 120 minutes ( times it by two ). After that, you add it up, 2 hours and 23 minutes will be 143 minutes in total. So 1 house takes 143 minutes and you want to find out how long it will take to find the criminal, you have to times the minutes that will take to search per house to the amount of house there is to search. So you take 143 minutes and times it by 23 (because there's 23 houses) and you will get 3289 minutes.

1 hour = 60 minutes
46 hours = 2760 minutes -----> time limit to search community
2 hrs & 23 min. = 143 minutes ------> amount of time to search 1 house

143 min. X 23 houses = 3289 ------> total time it will take to search the whole community

Well in the time limit, the cops will not be able to find the crook in time, but they will find the crook in 3289 hours.

K.V. 8-41

Edits I made:

• I added the last sentence, telling if the cops found the crook or not
• I changed the word "concerned" into "cornered"


Mr. H said...

Nice math work. Do they catch the crook? You did not say.

Anonymous said...

Good job. You just needed to answer the question of if they caught the robber man. Otherwise good job

Anonymous said...

Good job but you put concerned instead of cornered...

Smiliies said...

Thank you for the comments. I have changed concerned into cornered and I have added a sentence telling if they caught the crook or not.