Friday, January 12, 2007

January 11th's Scribe

Today we worked in our blue book, we went over our homework pages 31 and 32. Our homework was to do the first three squares on page 33. We needed to find out the rest of the square. The first square was 1/4 then 2/3 then 1/5.

We also did two questions about portions/fractions/problem solving.

The first question was about a girl saving money.
Every time she would make a dollar she would save 23 cents of it.
The question asked how much would she save if she made $75 in a week.
So you would have to put your anwser in a line like...... Saved/Earned=0.28/1.00= ?/$75
You could cross mulitply- 75x.28=21/1.00=21
You could divide and mulitply- 1.00/75.00=75
So it would be Saved=0.28=$21.00
The second question was about running and time.
When you run 4 laps it would take 18 minutes.
The question was how many laps could you do in 1 and a half hours.
So you would have to put anwser in a line like........Laps/Time=4/18=?/1.5
You first need to find out the 1.5 time which would be 90 minutes.
You could cross multiply-90x4=360
You could divide and multiply- 90/18=5
So it would be laps=4=20
time=18=90(1.5 hours)
That is what we did and what I remembered.
The next scribe willlll beeeeee........... James G.


LisaM said...
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LisaM said...

hey really good scribe post leslie I really liked it.


tears_77 said...

hi, you did a good job but if you want to improve your scribe maybe you could add some pictures.

lalopoulou=) said...

great job! just put pics in it next time

Smiliies said...

Good job Leslie! Keep up the good work!

lalopoulou=) said...

how come almost nobody does the scribe thingy anymore. its kinda weird. hahahahahah

michelle 8-16 said...

Great post! It has a good use of color. You can imporve this post by adding images and more detail.