Monday, February 05, 2007

Scribe Post for this afternoon

Today in math class Harbeck gave us a quiz in the morning. In the afternoon Harbeck told us about the test that he's going to give us. The test is out of 36 but there is going to be 4 bonus quetions. So it makes the test out of 40. Harbeck also told us about a BOB. BOB stands for Blogging On Blogging, which doesn't makes sense. Anyways, in this post you will write a reflection on this whole unit that we have been doing for a month now. You must lable this post BOB or else Harbeck will get mad. In this post you must write/type a reflection on how you think you did in this unit. An example would be: I think I did well on ____________ since we started the blue book because____________. I think i could of done better on ___________.

Oh i also remeber than in class Harbeck was yelling at Sarika for making him repeat was he said over again cuz she has "bad hearing".

Here are the answers the the first 5 questions:

1. lbs/$ = 6/9 = 21/31.5

2.ft2/$ = 5000/24 = 30 000/114

3. ft/$ = 20/180 = 300/2700

4. inches/feet = 1/5 = 8.5/42.5

5. sales tax/purchase = 4/50 = 96/1200
Unfortunately i coudn't get the rest of the question done. Sorry for making the pictures hard to see! Oh and the next scribe is Ardia! bwahahahahahahah!

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