Sunday, December 10, 2006

Melvins Growing post

this is melvins growing post

Question #1

what is a good defintion of a growing post?
You should use words, symbols,pictures
and numerical examples in your Defintion.

Question #2

How are (3/5), 3:2 ,60%, and 0.6 all the same?
Use pistures and words to show your answer.

Question #3
show 3 different ways to find 35% of 80.
1st way
Question #4

Find a link to blogs that deal with percentages.
Leave a comment behind and add the link with a review.
Question 5
The principal announced that 50% of the children in Ms. Stanzi's class met their reading goal for the month and that 55% of the children in Ms Lowrey's class met their reading goal for the month. Ms Stanzi said that a greater number of her students met their reading goal. Could Ms Stanzi be correct? Why or Why not.
Question 6
Use a hundred grid (unit square) to illustrate the following questions. Once you have explained and illustrated what the question means solve it.a) 16 is 40% of what number?b) What is 120% of 30?This is the end of your first growing post. It is due on Monday December 18. There are late penalties if you do not complete the assignments on time. Late Assignments will be accepted.

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apuya_soldier_841 said...

Comments:it would help if you can label your post and add "percentage" to your title.
Question 1
Comments: really simple here. but i guess it'll do. maybe you could add more stuff to the web. if you put the pics in gliffy or sometihng you could get a 8 or 9.
Question 2
Comments: It's a good job here but you might get a better mark if you explain more and use gliffy or bubbleshare or something.
Question 3
Comments: well..theres one way. but thats it. add other ways and some pics and youll get a higher mark.
Question 4
Question 5
Question 6
Comments (4, 5, 6) :well thers nothing here..jsut do these questions to get some marks.
Overall Mark
Overall Comment for the Growing Post: so best.friend.melvin, im going to guess you were doing this one night and was called to dinner and it was such a good dinner and you forgot. haha just kidding. but just finish up the post and youll get a good mark. im sure you can do this.