Monday, December 04, 2006

Today's Post!

Okie dokie! It's my turn to be the scribe! I've never really done this bare with me :P

Today's class was pretty straight forward. We handed our unit sheets in at the beginning of class and got started with a question on the overhead. Haha! We've never done that in forever! Sorry, I'm hyper..*ahem* Okay, I'm alright now. The question was to convert the following equivalents: 0.65, and 5:2. We corrected them shortly after everyone finished. When that was over with, Mr. Harbeck told us to make a web thingy with the word "percent", showing what pops into our minds when we hear the word. It should end up looking something like this:

It should iclude pictures, numbers, words, and symbols. Try to think up some other things that remind you of percentages and add them to the web thingy.

What does 50% mean?
What does 25% mean? -write down what these are to you.
What does 10% mean?
Also....Explain how you would find:
-15% -you must find these percentages from the numbers: 300, and 85.
And....ONE LAST THING!!! If you were in school today, you should've received a yellow sheet that had math questions on it. Do the Visual.

Oh, oh, oh! check these sites out! Perhaps they'll help you!


Well, that's the end of my scribe. I hope it's i said, I'm still a beginner...:P
P.S. Mr. Harbeck, what's Wikipaint? I checked it out, but I'm still not sure what it is...

Oh, and before I forget...The next scribe will be....


apuya_soldier_841 said...

oooh good job melissa. everyting is pretty well-organized and easy to read. you might wanna go do that link-to-commment thingy that harbeck told us to do on your post. but otherwise great job!


maryrose said...

i like the picture, and you've organized it all :). try to also add some sites to your post, it'll make it beautiful x). overall you did a good job! :)

Katira_M said...

Okie dokie!

.:THE SOUP MAN:. said...

Oooh... shiny! I'm loving it. Nice colour, you might want to consider adding a few more pictures though. I also agree, commenting on another blog and adding some websites relating to the topic might help. But other than that it's fabulous.

.:THE SOUP MAN:. said...

Oh, and a bonus question:

Does anyone know what this symbol means? -‰-

I doubt anyone does... enjoy!

Katira_M said...

Oh my gosh, james..XD Well...I don't know what that symbol is...but I editted and improved my scribe post! XD

.:THE SOUP MAN:. said...

The symbol is "per mille". It means, in French, per 1000.

maryrose said...

oh wow.. haha i love it! FANTASTIC!! :)

~ *»-(¯`v´¯)-»Sarika»-(¯`v´¯)-»* ~ said...

nice post melissa
goood job
help me to get pictures
ok bye
great postvue

oranges said...

u did a really good job malissa!!!
its easy to read and good idea to put the homework =)

Ashley said...

I like your scribe Melissa. You did a very good job!

angelic =) said...

it's so purdy-ful melissa ! =)

'alyssaaa' said...

bluee! lots of bluee! =D yeahh! understandable information and everythingg! great jobb.

Smiliies said...

You made a very nice job Melissa, even if you said you were a beginner, still... you did a VERY good job. Way to go!

tears_77 said...

Good job melissa. I like how your post is well organized. Keep it up.

mary=) said...

wow another post well done!! keep up the great work!!