Friday, December 08, 2006

Tears' Scribe Post


Hi everyone! I'm the scribe for December 8, 2006!

I wanted my scribe post to be special so I did it using thumbstacks.

Sorry it took so long because it took a while to load the images.

Feel free to tell me if it doesn't work or if I made a mistake.

Click here to see my scribe! But it might take a few minutes to load up though.

Hope you guys like it!! I also hope you take your time to read it!!

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Here is a video of my scribe post ! It's from Mr. H!


Mr. H said...

WOW. You never fail to amaze me at the amount of effort you put into your work. Thank you for putting so much effort into your scribe.

In thumbstacks is there a way to embed the presentation? Or publish it to the web. This would make your work even more Hall of Fame Worthy. To see the presentation inside the post will draw more readership.

Thanks for being the first thumbshare user. That was cool.


mary=) said...

wow! godd job on your growning post.......=D


(= OrANgeZ =) said...

tht was so cool!!! i liked how you did the slide show awsome job i really i liked it............... a lot =)

ardia=)_841 said...

ahaha nice!! that post was awesome!!! i wonder if it took you long .. haha well .. anyways .. great job =)

angelic =) said...

wow tutti =P its so awesome =)

Smiliies said...

It's "tootie" Angelic... haha but anyways... WOW! Your post was amazing. You derserve the best. =)