Friday, December 08, 2006

Question 1:
What is a good definition of percent? You should use words, symbols, pictures and numerical examples in your definition.

A respresentation that represents part of a whole or 100. It can also be more than 100% example: 3/4 = 75%. I got this answer by dividing 3 by 4 or N by D multiplied by 100.

Question 2:
How are (3/5), 3:2, 60%, and 0.6 all the same? Use pictures, and words to show your answer.

They are all the same because they are all equal to 3/5.
Ratio: You keep the numerator for pt.1 and then subtract the denominator from the numerator to get 3:2
Percent: You divide the numerator from the denominator and multiply it by 100.
Decimal: You convert the decimal into a fraction and the simplify if you can

Show 3 different to find 35% of 80.
1. 100/100=1 80/100= 0.8 0.8x35=28
2. 35/2=17.5 x 0.8=14 14+14=28
3. 80/10=8
10/2= 5
Find a link to blogs that deal with percentage. Leave a comment behind and add the link with a review.

This post talks about football players' status and how to convert them.

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