Friday, December 08, 2006

Jeff's Percentage Growing Post

Question 1:

What is a good definition for percent? You should use words, symbols, pictures, and numerical examples in your definition.

A percent it a number that is part of 100%. Here is how to convert a fraction to a percent:

You must divide the numerator (40) to the denominator (50). That will give you a decimal (0.8). Then you multiply that by 100 to give you your percent (80%)

Question 2:

How are three fifths (3/5), 3:2, 60% and 0.6 all the same? Use pictures and words to show your answer.

3/5, 3:2, 60%, and 0.6 are all the same becasue they are all equivalent to each other:

Question 3:
Show 3 different ways to find 35% of 80.

Question 4:
Find a link to blogs that deal with percentages. Leave a comment behind and add the link with a review.

This blog has everything you need to know about percents. These students are really good at posting!

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