Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jeff's Scribe

Today in Math class, we continued on our percentage package. Here is what the class did so far:

(*Sorry... writing is small)


1. Get the pictures above on your percentage package.

2. Do word problem (due tommorow)

Here is the word problem:

Janice has a 78 free throw shooting percentage. If she takes 28 shots, how many times does she be expected to be sucessful.

The scribe for tommorow will be Tina!


Smiliies said...

Cool job Jeff!

tears_77 said...

Good job Jeff. For the How to find 1% the last grid is 86% i think. Nice pictures and explanation.
P.S. Tina can't be the scribe tomorrow she was suppose to be the scribe for yesterday morning's class and you were supposed to be the scribe for yesterday's afternoon class.

Mr. H said...

Great use of Gliffy. Check out your 10% info for the first number. I think you will see your mistake.

Great Job


Katira_M said...

Nice post jeff! ^_^ I like how you used gliffy. As you said, the wording is small, but they're still understandable. It's a good thing you put the word problem down. Keep it up!