Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 15th morning scribe

yeah i got stuck with this so might as well DO a good job .. thanks alot *coughMrHanleycough* haha jk

okay so in the morning the first thing we had to do was put that thing for square roots the order of the things were ....
that pink paper with that is out of 3o,
the Perfect square chart, Journal 1 "which one is a perfect square", Journal 2 the one that you had to draw stuff ,Perfect square long paper, estimate sq.roots using chart&&building problem, estimate sq.roots using fractions, Recipe, Ouiz 1&2 with corrections, and then finally the test and corrections

then Harbeck said that it starts off pink and ends yellow .. or something like that haha =P

then Harbeck split us into groups .. we had a this small bag of pink cards .. well for my group and my group only .. we got white cards =P it had things like fractions , decimals ,percent , and pictures .

we got a white paper that had 5 boxes horizontally and 7 vertically .. one column and one row that said "Justify" . in the other boxes we had to do stuff .. just look at the picture below .. i reconstucted it on the computer .. because my scanner is broken =P haha

on the back we had to write somethings and here they are ..

Ratio :a comparison of two quantites that have the same unit of measure

Suppose that you have a bag on 52 marbles . You pour 15 marbles into your hand. The ratio of marbles in your hand to the number of marbles not in your hand is 15:37 and the fraction is 15/52

add a ratio column to your chart

then thats all the work we had in the morning .. we got more in the afternoon but i think mary already got that covered =)

okay .. thats the end of my scribe post .. theres a - starts with a "Q" and ends with a "Z" and has "ui" in the middle .... and no its not QZui ... haha its QUIZ!!! so study =)

ohh yeah since mary didnt pick a scribe i pick .... MICHAEL!!!! haha


Katira_M said...

Man...I've got to say...For a person who's been kinda forced to do this *ahem* mr. Well..Ardia Your post is amazing man!! Seriously. It's one of the best I've seen. But you spelled "so" instead of "do". It's all gewd though. Keep it up!

crippled =( said...

how did you get that pic in there!!!! i cant do that!!show me how plz!!!


Mr. H said...

Great post Ardia. I really liked the image. It was perfect. Nice job.


ardia=)_841 said...

ahaha thanks melissa!! i fixed it .. just for you =) haha .. and mary i made that picture myself .. it took long .. haha ohh yeah and mr.harback thanks =) hehe it was perfect haha thats cool =P

Free_style said...

nice post Ardia

Melvin841 said...

Crazy Ardia