Monday, November 06, 2006

Angelic's and Melissa's Board Game

The Wrong Turn

Rules: 1st one to ISLE FINI wins!
Decide on a team.

Team 1 uses a 6 sided dice: get a 6 - move 2 spaces.
get a 3,4,5 - move 1 space

Team 2 uses an 8 sided dice:
get an 8 - move 3 spaces
get a 4, 5, 6 - move 2 spaces

You must stop on are 9, NO MATTER WHAT.
Additional Rules are on the board.
*Before you go and say, "Why can't you move on the other spaces,", look below.*

If you land on area (spaces where you move) 8, go back to start:

Team 1: get 5 or 6 - move 2 spaces
get 1, 2, 3, 4 - move 1 space

Team 2: get 7 or 8 - move 3 spaces
get 5 or 6 - move 2 spaces
get 1, 2, 3, 4 - move 1 space

Why is it fair?
It's fair because on area 8. if you land on it that is, you gain a chance to catch up. On an 8 sided dice, there's less of a chance for rolling an 8 than it takes to roll a 6 on a 6 sided dice. In fact, you have a 1/6 chance of rolling a 6 on a 6 sided one and a 1/8 chance of rolling an 8 on an 8 sided dice. Make them have the same denominator and its 6/48 (6 sided) and 8/48 (8 sided). THat's why rolling an 8 gives you one more area movement than rolling a 6. same goes for the rest.

**sorry if it's late. I just completely forgot about it!


Melvin841 said...

Nice game Angelic I could understand your rules instructions and how it is fair. ^_^

Katira_M said...

Me too, me too! Angelic, your drawings are awesome! I should give you 75% of the credit for doing such a good job. The only thing I did was help you touch it up and reorganize the rules a bit. I like being your partner, but next time, shove something into my arms and tell me what to do because I felt as if you had to do everything on your own. I'm sorry.