Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Scibe Post (Morning)

This morning in class, we looked at finding sqaure roots by using our perfect square chart without a calculator.

To find the square root of 25, you just look at the chart under "Area" and find 25. Then you look at the factors. The factors of 25 are 5 x 5.

We also had to copy some questions from the overhead:
The numbers we had to find were:
25, 81, 64, 225, 169, 784, 625, 49, 594, 121, 765, 429, 654, 6, 333, 852, 199, 841

There was also a problem at the bottom that we had to solve. it was:

A warehouse has an area of 2 940m2 squared. Its divided into 15 EQUAL parts. Find the dimensions.

I chose Melvin to be the scribe for the afternoon.


Mr. H said...

Good Scribe. What is the answer to the problem and how would you solve it? This will make the scribe complete. Thanks for working so hard on it.


tears_77 said...

Good Job!! Keep it up you spelled one word wrong, you typed fine instead of find.But overall you did a good job.

maryL said...

GOOD-JOB!!!! only one spelling mistake.

Katira_M said...

Nice scribe! You're one of the few people who's used illustrations! Also, you explained everything necassarily. Keep up the good work.