Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nov.7 Scribe post

Scribe post by:Melvin841

Today in 841's afternoon math class we were learning how to estimate square roots with out a calculator.We learned that you can use a fraction to estimate with the numerator and the denomorator ,while the numerator being the mullet also known as the extra pecies around a shape.Lots of people answered.Melissa answered alot.We also had to estimate the numbrs 1-16.We also learned that when we were estimating 1-4 Mr.Hanly said that the first fraction which was 1/1 did not count in the process so only 2-4 was counted becuse 1 did not have the same denomantor.Then we were working on 4-9 and then we were working with whole numbers and fractions. the way we were able to get number 5 as 2 1/5 was that because we didnt count number 4 in the process.Now Mr.Harbeck told us that we had to do a recipe for how to estimate a fracton or how to estimate fractions now we have to do 10-16 but with a group and we have to learn the recipe.
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Melvin841 said...

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Mr. H said...

Melvin you need to add some illustration to your post. It will be easier to understand. I am impressed with your understanding of the topic. Remember a picture tells a thousand words. Chendra took a picture with her phone and uploaded it to blogger. Maybe when you are done your homework you could do the same thing. We could also do it in school tomorrow.


tears_77 said...

Good Job Melvin,
You really explained how to find the square root using a fraction really well. But you spelled some words wrong. Here are the words so you can go back and change it to improve it.
with out- without
pecies- pieces
didnt- didn't

Good Job Keep it up!!!

maryL said...

hey mel nice post at least you do understand square roots. you made some spelling mistakes. you can go back and fix them. some thing you can improve on for your next scribe post is try to put in some pictures. it helps explain it better. :)
GOOD-JOB!!!! :)

Katira_M said...

Yo! Well I'm just dropping by. It's true, you do have some errors and need pictures, but you explained it good. I can't believe you included me. haha. I was just guessing. I ate lots of candy that day so I gave it a shot which was what I don't really do much...Sugar rush! Anyway, keep up the good work.