Friday, November 17, 2006

Scribe of the day

Today in class we had a second quiz on equivalents. We also got into groups and made definitions for our big papers. Here are the definitions for the equivalents.

Fraction - A part of a whole number with two parts (denominator & numerator). The numeraor isthe part. Denominator is the whole.

Decimal - Numerical expressions that are part of a whole which is expressed as tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc.

Percent - Represents as a part of a number generally out of 100.

The homework today is to make a definition for "Ratio".


Mr. H said...

Good use of colour but it is rather boring. COuld you use an image to make the post more appealing ti its audience? How about adding some links to help us understand better. Thanks for scribing.


ardia=)_841 said...

0o0o primary colours =) ahaha

apuya_soldier_841 said...

justin! good job, but you forgot to put who will be the next scribe.

Melvin841 said...

ya You didnt put who is the next scribe and the Scribe post isnt that long but still great colors and a great job ^_^< happy face