Monday, November 06, 2006

Scribe Post

Today in class we did some things like we learnerd how to do
square routes on the callulator and we got our tests back and corrected
them. We
find out square routes on the calluculator by typing in a
and looking for the square route button.
Please any one can leave
some comments on
my scribe post.

The next scribe is MaryGrace. <33>


Mr. H said...

While you summarized what happened in class could you use illustrations and examples to help people who wern't in class understand what happened.

This is a good first step. YOu can edit it and make it even better.


tears_77 said...

Nice work Lisa but you spelled some words wrong but good job.

P.S. put some pictures too to improve it.

mary said...

nice post lisa but.... u spelled some words wrong! oh and try to put some pics next time! but other than that it was a good post!!

Katira_M said...

Hey guys! I like the way you explained what happened in class. I sort of forgot but now I remember. hehe. Well, I was just looking over and Lisa, you spelled calculator wrong but its alright. Don't foget! We've got a test coming on square roots so study!!