Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ardia's board game =)

My game is just called "Ardia's board game" (pretty orginal huh? =P).

The game is ment to be played by a minimum of 2 players to a maximum of 5.

To play the game you need board markers (when i played i used bears), the board , and 2 8-faced dice.

The object of the game is to be the first one to get to the finish space.

To move is the most difficult part of the game ..
to move one space you have to roll an odd number from 3-7 (by adding both dice, same for all of them).
to move two spaces you have to roll an even number from 2-8.
to move three spaces you have to roll an odd number from 9-15.
to move four spaces you have to roll and even number from 10-16.

My game is fair because everyone has a chance to move and no one can just win because i put about 4 spaces that said "move back 2 (or 1) spaces" and about 4 that says "move forward 2 (or 3) spaces" and one space that said "roll agian" and one space that is closest to the start that says "go back to the start" and i also put a space that says "miss a turn" so no one can just win they have to have luck on their side =).

My game was played, 10 times i played it 3 times out of ten. Then watched other people play my game . Out of the three times i played the game i only won once! the first time i played i always landed on the "go back to the start" space .. then i started to regret that i put that space there! some people can get so competitive =) haha --just a little humor

***ohh yeah just to tell you in the picture my game wasnt fully colored so yeah .. but it looked cool when it was done .. so feel free to comment =)


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Melvin841 said...

Ardia nice game you made