Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scribe Post (Nov 8)

Yesterday we learned a bit more about finding the square roots of numbers. Mr.Hamley explained it a bit better so we could understand it a lot better.
Example: to find the square root of 72 you need to find the out the square root of 81 first. so the square root of 81 is, the perfect square before 72 is 64 and the square root of 64 is 8. to find the denominator for the numbers you must take the smaller perfect square number and subtract it from the higher perfect square number. ( 81-64=17) so the denominator is 17.
now to get the square root of 72 u count from 65 to 72..... so the numerator for 72 will be 8.

so the square root of 72 is....8 8/17

the next scribe will be.....Earl!


maryL said...

nice way of discribing it!! next time put some pictures in it. oh! and you spelled Mr.Hanly worng! but other than that it was very good.

- mary lalopoulou

Mr. H said...

YOu need to add pictures. A scribe isn't a scribe without pictures!!!!!


Melvin841 said...

maryl you spelled wrong wrong

=) mary =) said...

oops see everyone makes mastakes even Mr. H!!! =)

Katira_M said...

Wow! Hey man, I think you figured it out better than I did during class. tee hee. Well, you've got everything. Don't forget that there will be a test coming up soon. You're all good from what I read. However, like Mr. Harbeck said, you need pictures.

Katira_M said...

Haha! Nice catch, Melvin. Anyway, one more thing. Is it really "Mr. Hamly?" I thought he had an "n" in his name. Ah well, I'll ask him in class today.