Monday, November 06, 2006

Friday's Scribe Post =)

This is what I remembered from Friday. If I forgot something, please leave a comment!

Friday - 11/03/06 - Day 1

At the beginning of class, we reviewed our homework (which i forgot to do =P) from the previous day about which numbers were perfect squares from 6. 8. 9. 10. It was 9 because a square has 4 equal sides. The only perfect square you can make using 9 tiles is a 3x3 square. 9 is the only number out of those 4 that has the same number times the same number (3x3). 6 is a rectangle (2x3 or 1x6), so is 8 (2x5 or 1x8) and 10 (1x10 or 2x5). 9 is a PERFECT SQUARE. In case you never knew this, you can make SQUARES with the rest of the numbers too! How you ask (maybe you didn't but, oh well)? Make MULLETS. Picture that you have 9 tiles infront of you. Mr. Harbeck asks you to make a square with an area of 8. You know very well that you can't make a square with 8, only a RECTANGLE. So he gives you something to break up the tile and sprinkle it around the top and right edges (refer to diagram). Then we looked over the factor, exponent, area chart thingy up to 30. *I'm too lazy to post it up. I need to work on Lit. Resp.* For the rest of the class, he (Mr. Hanly?) taught us how to do the squares. If you don't get this then you won't get square roots and square roots w/ decimals. That's all =) Wait! Look below for the next SCRIBE!

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angelic =) said...

sorry if it sucks! i'm sorta rushing cuz i'm not done the other math homework and the lit. Resp.!

Mr. H said...

Good post and a hasty one at that. Please do not use peoples last names in your posts. You can always go back and edit your scribe at a later time. It did have the minimum amount of info and some illustrations to help us understand.

Good Job

tears_77 said...

Good Job Angelic but you spelled taught wrong, you put tought instead. Still Good Job

P.S. you also did a good job of being honest.

maryL said...

nice post!! only one spelling mistake! i would make tons! see even if you were in a hurry u still did a good-job!!!

- mary lalopoulou =)

Katira_M said...

Hey, Angelic! Nice post. Like tears_77 said, good job with being honest. Don't worry about your Lit. response. Everyone knows that you'd do a great job. :D