Monday, November 06, 2006

>>*The Melvin Game*<<

This game of mine is called the Melvin game it isn't that bad or good it is okay.The amount of players that are aloud to play are 2-3 players.The rules are fairly simple if you roll a even(2,4,6) you move forward if you move a odd(1,3,5) you move backward.The things that I used in this game are 3 teddy bears one 6 sideded die and a game board (that I made).The objective or goal of this game is to reach the finish.The rules of this game and the objective are easy to under stand but this game will take a long time.My game wont be very popular because It propaply looks that I might of not put that much effort in making this game in my point of view.
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Melvin841 said...

come on comment

Katira_M said...

Yo! Where did u find that cardboard paper? I wish I had one. *pouts in a corner* anyway, I was just dropping by. Nice game. ^_^