Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The re-posting of the Problem that Noody Can Solve

There are three boys each have 10 cents each. They want to buy a soda which costs 25 cents. So they give their money to another boy and ask him to buy the soda for them. Ps: they ask for the change back! So the boy goes gets their soda and gives them the change back. There is 5 cents change. So the three boys divide it amongst them selfs. There is one cent left over so one of the boys keeps it forhimself. Which means they actually only spent 9 cents each. 9x3=27 And the boy who took 2 cents equals 29. Where is the last penny? So if you know the answer leave a comment behind. It took me 5 minutes. See if it takes you this long!


tears_77 said...

There is no missing penny.

Three boys had 10cents each, which equals to 30 cents. They ask another boy to buy them a soda which cost 25cents. So they have 5 cents back. The four boys spilt the 5 cents to each other so 3 boys got 1 cent back and 1 boy got 2 cent back.


Three boys' money = 30 cents
Soda cost = 25 cents

Money left = 5 cents


Spongebob = 1cent
Patrick = 1cent
Plankton = 1cent
Mr. Krabs = 2cents

The confusion can be avoided by tracking down the real money!

apuya_soldier_841 said...

this sounds familiar. i remember being bored enough to google paradoxes. and this was one of them. only it was girls and a cashier.

as for the question. uhh lets see how understandable i can make this..

3 boys x 10c = 30c
soda = 25
30 - 25 = 5c

three boys get 3c at first
so thats 3 boys with 1c and one without, and theres 2c left over so he takes that. so theres no missing penny. makes no sense why so much trouble is over 5c. =\

Smiliies said...

I think that the last penny was given to the boy who bought their soda for them. Since there is 3 boys who have 10 cents each, together that makes 30 cents and they ask another boy to buy the soda for them. When he returns and give their change back, they probably gave him the last penny.

Mary said...

way to go tears! u got it right there really is no missing penny. u just did all the math work wrong! still wondering y? ask me for the real answer in person!