Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Problem that Nobody Can Solve!

Okay here i go...

There are three boys each have 10 cents each. They want to buy a soda which costs 25 cents. So they give their money to another boy and ask him to buy the soda for them. Ps: they ask for the change back! So the boy goes gets their soda and gives them the change back. There is 5 cents change. So the three boys divide it amongst them selfs. There is one cent left over so one of the boys keeps it forhimself. Which means they actually only spent 9 cents each.
9x3=27 And the boy who took 2 cents equals 29. Where is the last penny? So if you know the answer leave a comment behind. It took me 5 minutes. See if it takes you this long!

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