Monday, October 16, 2006

Math Questions and Answers E-49 16-21

16.What is the probablility of guessing the correct answer to a multiple choice question if there are 5 choices?
-1/5 = your choice of answers/total possible answers.

17.What is the probability of guessing the correct answer to a true-false question?
-1/2 = your choice of answers/total possible answers.

18.What is the probability that your birthday will fall on Saturday or Sunday?
-2/7 = Saturday,Sunday/total number of days in a week.

19.What is the probability of winning a raffle if 500 tickets are sold and you buy 5 of them?
-5/500=1/100 = # of "my" raffle tickets(ya thats right,MINE!)/#of tickets sold.

20.A class of 25 students has 15 girls and 10 boys. If one student is chosen at random, what is the probability it is a girl?
-15/25 = # of girls/# of total students.

21.There are 26 letters in the alphabet(wow i didn't know thatXD). What is the probability that a letter chosen at random is in the word MATHEMATICS?
-8/26 = there is 11 letters in mathematics but there are only 8 different letters.

Question. At the Grey Cup game the seats went all around the stadium and there are 100,000 seats in total. There are also only three rows. 50,000 in the top row, 25,000 in the middle row and 25,000 seats in the bottom row. If i buy a ticket for each row what is the probability i will get all middle seats in each row? This ones a brain teaser!

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