Monday, October 16, 2006

Math Question II

picture is up
Questions and Answers are blow

7P(striped)3/8 8P(shaded)1/8

9P(shaded)1/8 10P(white or shaded)5/8

11P(striped or white)7/8 12P(striped or shaded)4/8-1/2

13P(not striped)5/8 14P(not white)4/8-1/2

15P(striped or white or shaded)8/8


j.campbell93 said...

Melvin, nice post, but what's with all the space at the top?

mary said...

u mean bottom=D

Smiliies said...

Nice job Melvin, but a little spelling error on the word below, you spelt blow