Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yesterday in class we did the problem of the week and reveiwed the percents...
1. What is 35% of 90? 31.5?90 is equal to 35/100 90 divided by 100= 0.9/1= 31.5/35
2. what percent of 40 is 25? 25/40 is equal to 62.5/100 25 divided by 40 is equal to 0.625/1= 62.5/100
3. 33 is 10% of what number? 33/330 is equal to 10/100 33 didvided by 10 is equal to 3.3/1 which equals to 330/100
Then we did the first page of the blue booklet for homework.
Today we reveiwed the first page of answers for the first page of the blue booklet. For homework the second of the blue booklet due tommorow.

And whoever hasnt done scribe is the next scribe or if there is noone else than its whoever wants to go!


mary=)_8-41 said...

teagan nice scribe but next time put some pictures in your scribe post. ttfn!


tears_77 said...

Nice scribe Teagan but maybe next time put some pictures to make your scribe better.