Friday, January 12, 2007

January 11th's Scribe

Today we worked in our blue book, we went over our homework pages 31 and 32. Our homework was to do the first three squares on page 33. We needed to find out the rest of the square. The first square was 1/4 then 2/3 then 1/5.

We also did two questions about portions/fractions/problem solving.

The first question was about a girl saving money.
Every time she would make a dollar she would save 23 cents of it.
The question asked how much would she save if she made $75 in a week.
So you would have to put your anwser in a line like...... Saved/Earned=0.28/1.00= ?/$75
You could cross mulitply- 75x.28=21/1.00=21
You could divide and mulitply- 1.00/75.00=75
So it would be Saved=0.28=$21.00
The second question was about running and time.
When you run 4 laps it would take 18 minutes.
The question was how many laps could you do in 1 and a half hours.
So you would have to put anwser in a line like........Laps/Time=4/18=?/1.5
You first need to find out the 1.5 time which would be 90 minutes.
You could cross multiply-90x4=360
You could divide and multiply- 90/18=5
So it would be laps=4=20
time=18=90(1.5 hours)
That is what we did and what I remembered.
The next scribe willlll beeeeee........... James G.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scribe Post Jan. 9

Hi. This is my first scribe post, so there's a good chance it'll be terrible. Here goes.

We had the Harbeck double-whammy. I get to cover part 2.

We started off with a bit more of the blue booklet. The number lines, page 32. It's pretty much self-explanatory. If you follow the instructions, you should get it quite easily.

After that, Harbeck handed out some question booklets to some people, and the rest had to read it off the overhead. The questions that Harbeck assigned were:

1. Seven of a baseball player's first 28 hits were triples. The baseball player had a total of 140 hits.

If the baseball player maintainted his rate of hitting triples, how many triples did this baseball player hit in all?

{A. 7}     {B. 14}     {C. 28}     {D. 35[]}


2. Alabama has 21, 653, 000 acres of forests and a total land area of 32, 480, 000 acres.

If a 210-acre farm has the same ratio of forested land to total land area, approximately how many acres of the farm will be forested?

{A. 140[]}     {B. 160}     {C. 180}     {D. 210}


Yep, Harbeck made a mistake. There's a box beside the right answer for every question in the booklet. But what Harbeck wants to know is how you get the answer.


If there's anybody left who hasn't done "the scribble", it's their turn. *coughcoughbrandoncoughcough*


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yesterday in class we did the problem of the week and reveiwed the percents...
1. What is 35% of 90? 31.5?90 is equal to 35/100 90 divided by 100= 0.9/1= 31.5/35
2. what percent of 40 is 25? 25/40 is equal to 62.5/100 25 divided by 40 is equal to 0.625/1= 62.5/100
3. 33 is 10% of what number? 33/330 is equal to 10/100 33 didvided by 10 is equal to 3.3/1 which equals to 330/100
Then we did the first page of the blue booklet for homework.
Today we reveiwed the first page of answers for the first page of the blue booklet. For homework the second of the blue booklet due tommorow.

And whoever hasnt done scribe is the next scribe or if there is noone else than its whoever wants to go!

Earl's Scribe (January 8th, 2007)

Todays notes that Mr. H told us to write are the following:


-out of 100

Answer the following questions:

1. What is 35% of 90?
2. What % of 40 is 25?
3. 33 is 10% of what number.


1. 31.5/90= 35/100
90 divided by 40= 0.9/1= 31.5/35

2. 25/40= 62.5/100
25 divided by 40= 0.625= 62.5/100

This is the way you get the answer: 33 x 10= 330
and 10 x 10= 100

The following is the homework:

For homework we had to do the first page of the blue booklet. The questions are the following:

A.Shade in 1/2 of the square at least six ways.

B.Shade in 1/3 of the rectangle at least six ways.

C.Determine what fraction of each flag is shaded.