Friday, September 15, 2006

Mr. Barksalot's Bath Graph

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Bobby fills a sink with enough water to wash his dog Mr. Barksalot. He then puts Mr. Barksalot in the sink and washes him. After he is finished he takes Mr. Barksalot out of the sink. Then he drains the sink.

Draw a graph that represents the level of water in the sink from the time paula started to fill the tub until the tub was empty. Clearly label your graph.

Explain what the graph should look like in a comment on this post AND on the back of your graph.

Mr. Harbeck


tears_77 said...

Bobby did 5 things to be able to wash his dog, Mr. Barksalot so my graph shows the 5 things Bobby did.

He filled the sink with enough water and so my graph shows that the water has to be half full. Then he puts Mr. Barksalot into the sink therefore my graph shows that the water rose a litre because of the dog's weight and then he washed the dog so my graph shows that the water stayed the same.

Then he took the dog out of the sink so my graph shows that the water went down a litre and a half because the dog is not there anymore and some of the water was absorbed by the dog's fur. Lastly he drains the sink so my graph shows that there shouldn't be any water left in the sink.

My graph is titled Mr. Barksalot's Bath Graph and the x and y axis are labeled and the measurement of the water in the sink in litres is in the y axis because it changes and the things Bobby did to wash his dog Mr. Barksalot is listed in the x axis.

Thyrza May Toledo

Smiliies said...

Mr.Barksalot's Bath Graph

First of all, I labeled the Y axis the level of the water in the sink and the X axis the events of what Bobby did.
Then I marked the Y axis in fourths (so divide the water in the sink by four), and I marked down the 5 events that Bobby did on the X axis.
The first event is 0 because that was before Bobby filled the sink.
Secondly, Bobby fills the sink so that is about half the sink to was his dog.
Third, he puts Mr.Barksalot into the sink so the water level would have to be higher by a fourth more.
After Bobby takes Mr.Barksalot out of the sink and the water level would be lower then the time Bobby filled it since the water can be soaked into his fur, and there might be a chance where water would splash out of the sink from all the washing.
Lastly, Bobby would drain the sink so the water level in the sink would be nothing, empty.

K.V (rm 8-41)

ardia8-41 said...

the graph sould look like a mountain starting from a low point to a higher point and then in the end to a lower point

ardia8-41 said...

ohh yeah the y axis is suppost to be labeled as the sinks water level and the x axis is suppost to be labled on what bobby's action are when cleaning "Mr. Barksalot"